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Dan Wadebridge


DOB - 31/03/1993 - Height, 188cm, Signed 01/07/2022 Country - England

Dan Wadebridge was added to Gorchester ranks in the summer of 2022 as he was third signing under manager Martin Haddaway, penning a two year deal at the time. Dan is from Cockly Town and is an experienced shot-stopper as he managed to pick up over 200 appearances throughout his career before making the move to Gorchester, with the majority of those coming during his time at Liverspolt Park and Lilly Manor Rovers.

After starting his career at Rat Church Village, he made the move to Lilly Manor Rovers and, after helping them to two consecutive promotions – with the side just missing out on a third in the play-offs, he then headed to the coast to join Liverspolt.

Whilst there, he picked up the West Hills League Goalkeeper of the Year award and even made an appearance at Curtains Park in the 2021 village finals, before moving back into the football league with Gorchester.

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2023-2024 STATS

  • Games Played22
  • Minutes Played1980
  • Starting22
  • Goals0
  • Assists0
56% Duels
100% Dribbles
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26th November 2023

Gorchester United


Lambsfield Town

Kick off 3:45pm

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3rd December 2023

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11th November 2023
EkXhsNGMKF0bc4216DySxpBDlNqWq0gKL4GOOh25 Lidnich Rovers
1 - 0
Gorchester United CdQWJT8jtBY1m6LzCfp1c367SQo9gfqfqHca8xAs
9th November 2023
CdQWJT8jtBY1m6LzCfp1c367SQo9gfqfqHca8xAs Gorchester United
0 - 2
Fluck Town 8r4WhyCMeKPM5jSVMs3kdM8oh3wvT2INpLUkrhef
5th November 2023
QnDPyl7HtjxCBNpPcQgtFBfmgHapnizwIdGOFg6R Yodlington United
1 - 0
Gorchester United CdQWJT8jtBY1m6LzCfp1c367SQo9gfqfqHca8xAs
21st October 2023
aKDn86d3qot219g54GwCKEtynlZgC7NUgp3XQcQH Rogerstown United
0 - 1
Gorchester United CdQWJT8jtBY1m6LzCfp1c367SQo9gfqfqHca8xAs
7th October 2023
CdQWJT8jtBY1m6LzCfp1c367SQo9gfqfqHca8xAs Gorchester United
2 - 1
Dapley Borough VewsFTB5RGu5SH5lCAoOsspMHBfUSRS5xImJs6n5
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Gorchester United is an English football club based in Cornwall. The club participates in the Rivers and Hills Football League and play their home games at the Butterfly Stadium.

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